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We have been fortunate enough to open the Idea Center doors to many talented entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds that wanted to make a change in our community with their unique ideas. We are an open and safe space in which there’s no room for discrimination, hatred, or bigotry. We stand for diversity and inclusivity and support each and every community that makes Miami a great city to be a part of.

We want to highlight and recognize our Black Alumni Entrepreneurs and share their businesses so that we can support them through their ongoing entrepreneurship journey.

Thynk Global – Maghan Morin and Jeanine Suah

Thynk Global is pioneering the Affordable Workspace Movement. They create more opportunity and economic diversity by making the workplace more accessible to start-ups, entrepreneurs, and freelancers. | @thynkglobal

ZHUZH – Keesha Morisma

ZHUZH is a premier accessory brand that aims to empower artisans from across the diaspora by creating opportunities to create value-added products using culturally significant fabrics and crafting techniques.| @shopzhuzh

Vanessa Miot – Good Natured Roots

Good Natured Roots is a nature-centric family lifestyle brand rooted in Miami, Florida whose purpose is to bridge the gap for the modern culturally diverse family who wants to raise environmentally literate children and embrace nature as a way to live a healthier, smarter, and earth-tender life. |  @goodnaturedroots

PrPl Miami – LaShannon Petit

PrPl is a PR and Marketing Consulting Firm with a unique approach to branding public figures, entertainment, and nonprofits. PrPl has over 10 years of marketing experience, in the community, sports, entertainment, and fashion/beauty industries. |  @prplmiami

Sweet Livity – Diana Marie Lee   

Sweet Livity delivers wellness services to support individuals and organizations (for-profit and nonprofit) serving vulnerable communities to do their jobs to the fullest, with improved well-being, sustainability, and results. | @sweetlivityllc

FleetFare – Ainsworth Spence 

FleetFare provides software solutions tailored for government and enterprises that need a flexible platform that empowers their employees to deliver better service with reporting and tracking tools. | @fleetfare

Magnitax – Fils Jean

Magnitax was founded to provide affordable accounting services to entrepreneurs and small business owners. They offer accounting, tax preparation, and advisory services. | @magnitax

LASHME – Shamelia Waring 

LASHME is a premier eyelash extensions studio dedicated to carrying quality lash products, latest beauty trends, and serviced exclusively by LASHME trained licensed estheticians.| @lashmemiami

Nikki Nicole D3signs – Brandi Smith 

NikkiNiCole is a fashion brand that specializes in designing custom pieces for women influencers who require sophistication and modesty but will not sacrifice their sexiness. | @nikkinicoled3sign

WTU Enrichment – William Hall

They provide a unique learning experience by exposing children to entertaining, hands-on programs that will inspire them to engage, construct, and communicate all while learning through STEAM programs.

STEM Access For Girls – Claudia Gourdet

STEM Access For Girls provides a STEM-based curriculum that includes digital literacy, emotional intelligence, writing, and creativity to young women who are 9-20 years old in developing communities. | @stemaccessforgirls

Titan Protective Services Inc. – Kevin Akinbiyi  

Titan Protective Services is a security guard service in Miami, Broward & West Palm Beach that provides innovative security solutions for Community Managers, rental properties and condominiums. | @titanproserv

Kingston5 Productions – Traci Rhone 

Kingston5 Productions is an Indie Film Production company committed to liberation and encouraging counter-culture systems that transform apathy into positive social change. | @kingston5productions

Haute Academy – Qiana Armstrong

Haute Academy offers experiential learning and career exploration opportunities for youth and adults with a professional focus on the Fashion Industry. | @hauteacademy

Princess Training – Jessica Laguerre Hylton 

Princess Training was started to help young girls identify their calling and purpose early in life. They want girls to have that burning pink fire to pursue their ideas and the guidance they need to create their future business.

@princesstrainingmiami – Emmanuel Miot was founded on the belief that human capital + local community engagement can play a bigger role in fueling social innovation while helping social entrepreneurs thrive; particularly within underserved communities. |

Wear it & Own it – Katherine Mathias

Wear it & Own it is a clothing brand that stands for women having the freedom to wear and own whatever articles of clothing they want and be fierce in it. They design their pieces for comfort & style. | @wearitandownitt

Swerve – Jovan Polanco

Swerve is an event production company based in Miami, FL. They specialize in booking and promoting concerts in Miami, Orlando, Tampa, and Tallahassee. | @swervepresents

Major Marketplace – Leyanis Diaz

Major Marketplace is an online marketplace and community for minority businesses and those who want to support them. They curate local and international products and services made by passionate creators and bridge conscious consumers and corporations to minority businesses in a major way. | @majorhq

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