Program Details

We work with students to develop their entrepreneurial mindset and skills they will to succeed both in building businesses as well as in life.  The entrepreneurial mindset is all about being in a constant journey of self-growth. We believe this can be taught so we run a series of workshops that do just that. 

Reach out above if you would like for us to run these workshops in your class, club meeting or other activity. They are fun, engaging and a great learning tool.


Marshmallow Challenge

In building a company, like in life, continuous iteration is crucial—this workshop teaches trying, failing fast, and relentless improvement.

Design Thinking

This workshop will introduce you to human-centered design, a tool that teaches you how to build with your user in mind. Empathy is key.

Rejection Challenge

Embrace rejection resilience: This workshop offers a fun way to test and improve your ability to handle “no” gracefully.

Your Pitch

What’s your elevator pitch? You will leave this workshop with a concise pitch to introduce yourself or your business idea to anyone you meet.

Our Instructors

Alejandro González

Executive Director

Anabella Sardinas

Program Manager

Gabriela Bernal

Program Coordinator

Carmen Pelaez

Playwright and Actress


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