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Revamp your social media and online video marketing with next-generation Visual Storytelling! 8-week intensive program + hands-on activities that will transform your audience to a revved-up advocacy powerhouse.

1. Go to this link to register online: http://www.mdc.edu/ce/registration/default.aspx.

Click “Search & Register for Classes.”

2. Click “Search for Classes.”
3. Select term “Fall 2017.”

4. Type in the Class Number 18170 for Visual Storytelling and click “Search.”

Verify you have the correct class and select your course.

5. Click “Select” and then click “Enroll in Selected Class.”

6. Click “Sign In With Existing Account” if you already have an account with MDC Community Education.

If you are a community member, click “Create New Account” and fill out your info.

7. You will have the option of making payment with credit card (surcharge of 2%) or e-Check (no surcharge).

MDC Community Education Drop & Refund Policy

Please be sure to pay within 24 hours of registering for the class. Otherwise, the system will drop your registration.
You may drop the class for a full refund via the website up to five days before class begins. If less than five days before the class start date, you must contact Miami Dade College at 305-237-7868.

If you’re having trouble enrolling, contact Miriam Kohel at The Idea Center at (305) 237-7868 or mkohelze@mdc.edu.