Keynote  Maurice Ferre, CEO & Chairman, Insightec


Company Showcase Daniel Forman, Partner, OurCrowd

Company Showcase  Danny Weissberg, Voiceitt

Interview with Isaac Litman, Neterra

Company Showcase Ben Enosh, Audioburst

Company Showcase  Nuri Golan, EXO Technologies


Company Showcase  Ariel Beery, MobileODT

Interview with Meir Zorea, Artsys360 and Brian Siegal, AJC

Company Showcase  Liat Sade Sternberg, Fusic

Company Showcase  Dr. Ido Sella, ECOncrete

Panel: Bringing Big Ideas to Reality

Yaniv Levi, Change

Nir Daube, Cimagine

Joshua Levinberg, Gilat Satellite and JAL Ventures

Nir Tel-Oren, Israel Aerospace Industries

Moderated by Oren Simanian, StarTAU at Tel Aviv University

Panel: Getting Your First Customer

Doron Bakchy, Bringoz

Ofer Familier, Vayyar Imaging, Ltd.

Itay Tayas Zamir, Wooshwater

Moderated by Felecia Hatcher, Code Fever + Black Tech Week


Company Showcase  Pasha Romanovski, Solomoto

Interview with Ofer Familier, Vayyar Imaging, Ltd.

Company Showcase Nir Daube, Cimagine


Company Showcase Joshua Levinberg, Gilat Satellite & JAL Ventures

Interview with Nimrod Cohen, Plus Ventures and Nathaniel Pool, Hackseed

Company Showcase   Arie L. Gutman, FineTech Pharmaceuticals

Panel: The Israeli Secret Sauce

Shmuel Chafets, Target Global

Nir Tel-Oren, Israeli Aerospace Industries

Isaac Litman, Neteera

Nir Tel-Oren, Israeli Aerospace Industries

Moderated by Aviv Frenkel, Senior Tech Correspondent, Channel 10

Panel: Building Bridges

Nadav Naaman, Docady

Gilad Oppenheimer, Green OC Global

Moshe Weinstein, Moebius Medical

              Moderated by Nico Berardi, Accelerated Growth Partners

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Ben Enosh, AudioBurst (0:35)
Moshe Weinstein, Mobius Medical (11:41)
Moti Elyashiv, New Rocket (18:04)
Liat Sade Sternberg, Fusic (21:13)
Meir Zorea, ARTSYS360 (37:46)
Nadav Naaman, Docady (45:05)

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