Albert Santalo

Albert Santalo is a computer scientist, Internet entrepreneur, and angel investor with experience in high growth, venture-backed technology companies. His passion lies in designing products and building companies that disrupt traditional business models. Albert is an advocate for empowering entrepreneurs everywhere to build Silicon Valley technology companies in their local communities – including Miami!

He is founder and CEO of 8base, an application development platform, and ecosystem that is using disruptive technologies such as Blockchain and artificial intelligence to greatly accelerate digital transformation. 8base unites the entire world of software authors, contributors and users working together in a thriving decentralized ecosystem.

He is the former Chairman and CEO of CareCloud, a company he founded in 2009 that is working to modernize the antiquated healthcare industry with a cloud-based platform. CareCloud reached #127 on the 2014 Inc. 500 list and is backed by NVP, Intel Capital, First Data Corp. and others.


Inbar Carmel

Infimè | Israel
Inbar is the CEO/Co-Founder at Infimè, and owner of online e-commerce brand Infimé Underwear. Infimé is developing a virtual try-on solution for intimate apparel and swimwear. Infimé's technology allows the retailer to rapidly model entire collections using advanced modeling algorithms.

Wolf Shlagman

Care Angel | Miami
Wolf is a life-long creative technologist, healthcare futurist and cognitive science evangelist, is currently CEO/Founder of Care Angel. As a serial entrepreneur, Wolf previously founded Consult a Doctor, which was acquired by Teladoc, a Kleiner Perkins portfolio company, in 2013.

Anabetsy Rivero

Metastatic AI | Miami
Anabetsy is a biochemist, molecular biologist, and computer scientist with expertise in data science and artificial intelligence. She is the co-founder and CEO of Metastatic AI, a Miami-based startup focused on providing AI-assisted breast cancer diagnosis.

Ofer Sadka

SolView | Israel
Ofer is the CEO and founder of SolView, an innovative solar analytics company that helps global solar companies increase sales and drive massive scale adoption of solar around the world. Ofer is a graduate of Technion - the Israel Institute of Technology (2002).

Brian Brackeen

Kairos | Miami
Brian founded Kairos in 2012, and serves as the company’s CEO. His leadership saw Kairos selected by Wall Street Journal as one of 2013’s top 25 startups in the country, and continues to drive growth and innovation within the company and in the face and emotion recognition space.

Adi Ronen

Fly.AI | Israel
Adi is a passion-driven entrepreneur with a wealth of experience in online marketing. Adi is the Co-Founder and CEO of Fly.AI, a company that provides online retailers a social layer embedded on their website (called co-commerce).

Demian Bellumio

GraphPath | Miami
Demian, founder & CEO of GraphPath, helps enterprises create, develop and manage highly-scalable knowledge graphs, while leveraging machine learning tools. Demian has created and grown tech companies from Miami, raising over $250M in funding and creating over $1.5B in value.

Aviv Frenkel

EnRoute | Israel
Aviv has over 20 years of experience in Israeli national media starting with his career at the Israeli army IDF radio station. Aviv is now the Co-Founder/CEO of Enroute; a tech startup in the automotive industry with a personalized e-commerce platform that utilizes predicative A.I. and is linked to mobility apps.

Jacob Bacon

GradTrain | Israel
Jacob is an entrepreneur and expert in global technology implementation and adoption. He is the Co-Founder/CEO of GradTrain, the AI-driven guidance platform for international students with users from over 150 countries.

Daniel Rodriguez

AnimuSoft | Miami
Daniel Rodriguez, CEO and Founder at Animusoft, is a successful entrepreneur and computer scientist with 20 years of research experience in machine learning and robotics. He leads a team of seasoned entrepreneurs and executives with multi-million dollar successes in their wake.

Sivan Shatil Baram

radd. | Israel
Sivan is the Co-Founder/CEO of Radd, a full-cycle AI-based content management platform for businesses. She is a digital marketing professional with over 12 years of experience in leading successful brand repositioning strategies.


Guy Etgar

InSoundz | Israel
Guy Etgar is the CEO and Co-Founder of InSoundz Limited. Guy brings over 20 years of diversified experience living in Israel, NYC and the Bay Area managing multinational teams across multiple locations with strong focus on organization development and coaching.

Sasha Kreindlin

ARShow | Israel
Sasha is an award-winning producer and director at the Gesher Theater and was awarded a prize at the Berlin Film Festival. Kreindlin is a founder and CEO of ARShow, bringing futuristic technology into the halls of the theater.

Liz Pasillas

New Discovery Media | Miami
Liz is a passionate, go-getter, and lover of cinema. Along with partner/filmmaker Jonalex Herrera, they co-founded New Discovery Media in 2013, a Miami-based cross-cultural production house that focuses on immersive & interactive content and experiences.

Abi Mandelbaum

YouVisit | Miami
Abi is Co-Founder and CEO of YouVisit, an immersive technology company that enables brands and organizations to engage and convert audiences through virtual interactive 360° experiences, virtual reality and augmented reality. Mandelbaum was selected as one of the Top 5 VR Innovators by Mashable.

Alvaro Sanint

Jaibana Studios | Miami
Alvaro founded Jaibana Studios, a company that provides artists, researchers, educators and production houses with the pipeline tools and digital assets they need to showcase their visions. For the past 3 years, Alvaro has been developing AR Applications for EDtech.

Eran Orr

VR Health | Israel
Eran is the founder of the VRHealth Group and the CEO of VRHealth USA Inc. Eran has vast experience in the VR industry with six submitted patents to date all related to data analysis and VR. He is also the writer of one of the must-read blogs within the healthcare in VR world: "A New Reality in Healthcare".


Dotan Bar Noy

ForceNock | Israel
Dotan Bar Noy has more than 12 years of management experience in technology and software companies. Prior to founding ForceNock, he was the Co-founder & CEO of ReSec Tech, served as Director at Issta (listed ISTA.P) and CEO of G.F.A. Systems (acquired by Linnaeus B.V.).

Rob Vazquez

Clarium Managed Services | Miami
Rob has 30 years of experience in the IT field, as a leader in global information systems structuring and deploying large-scale projects in security and compliance. He is the President and Chief Security Officer at Clarium Managed Services.

Fausto Lendeborg

Secberus | Miami
Fausto has 10+ years of experience in IT security and has combated over 50,000 cyber attacks. In 2014 he co-founded Zenedge, where he was responsible for building products and the security operations. He is now CEO at SECBERUS, a SaaS platform that assesses, tracks, and remediates cyber risk.

Ronen Yehoshua

Morphisec | Israel
Ronen is Co-Founder/CEO of Morphisec with over 20 years of experience technology management and venture capital. Emerging from Israel’s national cybersecurity center, Morphisec's investors include Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners, GE Ventures, and JVP, among others.

Matan Fattal | Israel
Matan served in the 8200 elite cyber unit of the Israel Defense Forces as a cyber researcher and big data specialist. Matan is Co-Founder and President of Silverfort, a company that introduces the first security platform enabling adaptive authentication and identity theft prevention.

Lior Elkan

Shield IoT | Israel
Lior is an advisor to Shield IoT, an IoT cyber-security startup that delivers embedded device-level security and control across the entire IoT supply chain. He holds an M.Sc in Electrical Engineering from Tel Aviv University and an MBA from The Technion focusing on entrepreneurship and management of technology firms.

Robert Rounsavall

Trapezoid | Miami
Robert is an expert in the development and deployment of security architecture for cloud computing platforms. He is the Co-Founder/President of Trapezoid Inc. a company that develops visibility and management tools to secure the firmware of everything from IoT to the Datacenter and Cloud.


Mr. Lior Haiat

Consulate General of Israel in Miami
Mr. Lior Haiat assumed the post of Consul General to Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and Puerto Rico in February 2016. He has a wealth of experience in Hispanic, cultural and media affairs. Mr. Haiat was born and raised in Petah Tikva, Israel. Mr. Haiat speaks Hebrew, Spanish, Portuguese, and English.

Sharon Rosenman

Sharon is the VP Marketing of Cyberbit, a company offering a new approach for managing cybersecurity operations across the converged attack surface, with 20 years of leadership experience in Israeli startups ranging from video games to cybersecurity.

Laura Maydon

Endeavor Miami
Laura is the Managing Director of the US affiliate of Endeavor. She has more than 15 years of experience developing new products, driving growth in various industries, including payments and financial services. Endeavor has helped scale more than 800 high-impact companies in 26 countries.

Jonathan Cole

Rio Vista Advisors
Jonathan Cole is an angel investor and advisor, with over 45 years of experience working with entrepreneurs and their investors. Retired from the active practice of law, he currently focuses his attention on the Florida seed and early stage investment ecosystem.

Nimrod Cohen

TAU Ventures
Nimrod, serial entrepreneur, investor, and Managing Partner at TAU Ventures. Former Partner at PLUS Ventures, the first Israeli multi-vehicle early stage investment firm, specializing in fast growth technology and media ventures. He is also a mentor and judge in numerous startup programs, events and organizations.

Inon Elroy

Ministry of Economy and Industry, Israel
Mr. Elroy has 18+ years of experience representing the Ministry of Economy and Industry in a wide range of executive positions both in Israel and overseas. For the past several years, Mr. Elroy has been a board member of the research committee of the Office of the Chief Scientist, which approves industrial R&D projects.

Elbert Perez

Doghead Simulations
Elbert has a passion for both the technical and creative sides of video gaming demonstrated through his work as one of the original software prototypers for the HTC Vive. He has worked on games such as Halo 4, Ryse: Son of Rome, Sunset Overdrive to name just a few. He was inducted Full Sail Hall of Fame in 2017.

Meital Stavinsky

Holland & Knight
Meital is a Miami and Washington D.C. attorney, member of Holland & Knight's Public Policy & Regulation Group and Co-Chair of the firm's Israel Practice. She focuses on business and government relations, with a particular emphasis on Israeli emerging and advanced technologies companies.

Susan Amat

Venture Hive
Dr. Amat is Founder/CEO of Venture Hive, a software and training company that provides accountability and transparency tools to support innovation management and entrepreneurship programs. Dr. Amat founded The Launch Pad, considered a top model in entrepreneurship education.

Oren Simanian

OTWOI Innovation Consulting Group
Oren is a fully immersed in Israel’s tech scene with 10 years of experience and as a Founder of StarTAU, Tel-Aviv University’s renowned Entrepreneurship Center. Oren is co-creator of the first Startup Nation Conference and currently Founder and CEO of the OTWOI Innovation Consulting Group.

Andrea Yonah

Binational Industrial Research and Development (BIRD) Foundation
Andrea is the Director of Business Development at the U.S. - Israel Binational Industrial R&D Foundation. Andrea promotes the foundation among U.S. companies by engaging in strategic growth initiatives, relationship management, and matchmaking between Israeli and U.S. companies.

Michael Vaknin

JP Morgan
Michael is responsible for the global, macroeconomic and market research that underpins the firm’s long-term views and, by extension, how client portfolios are positioned. Michael has extensive expertise in interest rates, credit, currencies and macroeconomics.

Vicki Rabenou

Startup Nation Ventures
Dr. Vicki Rabenou is the Founder, President and CEO of StartUp Nation Ventures. With more than 20 years experience in the Israeli high-tech and health-tech industries, Dr. Rabenou was selected to serve as a director on Israel's bio-tech and high-tech Incubators Investment Committees.

Lyon Lenny Roth

Lenny, expert in law, business and financial services. Graduate of McGill University and Harvard Law School. He was a corporate lawyer and also a partner at OurCrowd, a Jerusalem-based global venture platform. His current venture Yarotek is a Miami-based solar energy company with over 75 MW of installed capacity.