Insight introduces students to data analytics with a particular focus on learning how to apply statistical techniques and data visualization to ask questions of the data and get meaningful answers. It consists of three main parts.


Learn how to use R for statistics and exploratory data analysis.


Apply cutting-edge techniques in Tableau to visualize data in beautifully simple ways.


Expert instructors. David is a Wharton MBA & President of the Miami’s Data Science Meetup. Alex is a Tableau expert at Subway.


Did you know that 90% of the data in the world today was created in the last two years? Businesses, governments, media outlets, NGOs, and other organizations are under increasing pressure to leverage this data to support sound decision making or risk falling behind. It takes specialized skills to be able to inspect data, analyze it, make inferences from it, and communicate those findings to others.

Insight Data Analytics is a new course at Miami Dade College’s The Idea Center to help students begin the journey towards acquiring and mastering these skills.

By the end of the course, students will have started building a portfolio of their work by completing two projects. The first is an exploratory data analysis of a data set, combining code, plots, and commentary in the R markdown format. The second is an interactive visualization of a data set using Tableau. Furthermore, students will be equipped to dive deeper into data analytics topics that interest them.


What are the prerequisites?

You should be excited about diving into the world of data analytics, and some basic Excel and math exposure. We’ll help students “level-up” their skills and learn how to use analytical tools. Our approach is to teach “just enough math” so as not to overwhelm students when R and Tableau will do most of the heavy lifting, anyway. The focus is on how to interpret the results from the tools.

Do I need a computer?

Yes, students are expected to supply their own laptops and bring them to class. Either a Mac or a Windows machine will do the trick.

Will I have to buy any software?

No. We will be using R/RStudio, which are open-source and freely available, and Tableau, for which we have procured free student licenses for the course.