Join the Million Dollar Marketing Industry

Join the Million Dollar Marketing Industry


Google Analytics lets you analyze data from all touch points in one place, for a deeper understanding of your customer experience. You can then share the insights that matter with your whole organization. You will learn to:


Understand your site and app users to better evaluate the performance of your content, products, and more


Google Analytics is built to work with Google’s media and publisher products so you can use your analytics insights to drive real impact


Process and share massive amounts of data quickly with an easy-to-use interface combined with shareable reports


Get insight only Google can give you and become a certified professional!

Google Analytics Academy is a 12-week program at The Idea Center at Miami Dade College that empowers your analytical skills with theoretical and practical knowledge and a test prep for the Google Analytics Individual Qualification.




Manuel Moreno specializes in using a data driven approach to creating marketing strategies that solve business problems. His knowledge within the marketing strategy and analytics space includes people-based multi channel strategies, site & media optimization, and customer segmentation analysis.

In his 7 years of experience he has worked with clients across multiple industries, including: Merck Pharmaceuticals, American Express, Visit Florida, ESPN, Grupo BBVA, Grey Goose, Regions Bank, and The Miami HEAT.

He has a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration from the Boston University Questrom School of Business.





Igor Flor specializes in the planning, implementation, mining and reporting of data driven solutions for marketing strategies. In his 2 years since joining SapientNitro. He has worked on multiple projects for clients including: Visit Florida, Grupo BBVA, Regions Bank and The Miami HEAT.

Before SapientNitro, Igor also worked for Citibank in Miami and Mastercard in New York.

He has a Bachelor’s of Economics and Finance from the University of Miami.




What is Google Analytics Academy?

Google Analytics Academy is a 12-week course in digital analytics. It is a fast paced and intense experience where students learn analytics theory, but also go through an immersive hands on experience with the Google Analytics demo account. The course includes Google Analytics educational material and access to a Google Analytics demo account.

Who are the instructors?

They are all top industry pros with decades of experience in the digital analytics field and in teaching adult learners.

Who is the course designed for?

Participants come from all walks of life. You are entrepreneurs and small business owners, employees at startups and corporate giants and creative agencies, students, or work in unrelated fields. You all want to expand your horizons, grow your organizations, accelerate your careers, and find a dream job. No matter your background or experience, will provide a solid understanding and execution in Google Analytics.


  • A startup founder looking to scale his/her new business.

Business Owners

  • A business owner looking to grow his/her business.

Marketing Professionals

  • An early-career marketer looking for credentials.
  • A mid-career marketer who doesn’t want to fall behind.

Other Professionals

  • A non-marketer who wants to build his/her digital marketing skills to use at work.
  • A professional looking to add an in-demand 21st century skillset to his/her arsenal.


  • A student preparing herself for her first job.
  • A student preparing him/herself for the job market with credential and acquired skills.
Is this course a fit for me?

The types of participants who will most benefit from this are:

  • Individuals with a background in traditional marketing looking to build their digital skillset.
  • Individuals with technical training in front-end development, web design or user experience design looking to build their analytics knowledge.
  • Individuals looking to embark on a career in digital marketing.
  • Individuals looking to grow their own company.
  • Students looking for a credential to enter the job market.
I’m a Miami Dade College student. Is this course for me?

Absolutely! The course is open to students and community members.

What is the course structure?

The course lasts 12 weeks, meeting on Thursday evenings in downtown Miami at a convenient time for busy professionals (class starts at 6:30 p.m. and run until 8:30 p.m.).

How long will the coursework take me each week?

Besides attending the weekly 2 hours’ class, participants are expected to commit 3 hours per week for homework and self-study.

What will I be able to do upon completion of the course?

Upon completion of the course, participants will be empowered with new marketing and analytical skills. Participants will obtain:

  • A fundamental knowledge of Google Analytics
  • A hands-on and practical experience with Google Analytics
  • Test preparation for the Google Analytics Individual Certification

The course includes GA educational material and access to Google Analytics Demo Account.

What do I get at the end of the class?

You will be prepared to take the Google Analytics Individual Qualification exam. Participants have 90 minutes to complete the exam and an 80% passing score is required.

Will I be able to get a job after I finish this course?

The skills you learn in Google Analytics Academy are in high demand across South Florida and the nation. The GAIQ certificate is a confirmation that the person is qualified to properly use analytics for a business or organization.

Are there any prerequisites to take the course?

This program is open to participants and professionals from any field and level of experience and are relatively new to the dynamic and ever-evolving world of digital marketing. The more varied the background and experiences of the participants, the livelier and more interesting the class will be.