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Get your venture in the fast lane.

Fail fast. Work hard. Succeed faster.


Embark on the learning and discovery journey and prepare your venture for the infinite possibilities of the market.


Experiential, human-centric, and inquiry-based sessions.


Develop the mindset, reflexes, agility, and resilience an entrepreneur needs.


Search and design for a repeatable and scalable business model.


CREATE is a go-to-market program where students refine their existing prototypes through experiential learning and customer validation. Through the “get out of the building” approach, students will test their prototypes with potential customers and challenge assumptions about their business model.

The program’s curriculum and mentoring provide a blueprint for students to scale their business model and achieve a product-market fit.


Stay tuned for more information about

CREATE’s Cohort 3 showcase

on Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017 at The Idea Center.


FREE for MDC Degree-seeking Students

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Gustavo is a business professional with +8 years of experience in Business Development, International Business, and Entrepreneurship. While doing his Masters (Hult International Business School in San Francisco, CA), he created and developed SoBiz:Beyond Profit! a business accelerator that supported 15 companies in design, testing, and validating their products and business concept. SoBiz:Beyond Profit! Hosted a pitch competition with a winner’s prize of access to seed capital. Gustavo has won different startup competitions and his team represented Miami at the Global Fashion Battle in Poland.




Veronica Valdes-Capriles

Dutiers is an online platform that allows you to book nail technicians who come to you, wherever you are, whenever you need them. It is a convenient, time-efficient, and reliable system. You book the technician according to your schedule and wait for them in the comfort of your own home. Nail technicians’ performance is rated by end-consumers and are automatically dropped from the system if they are not up to standard.

Evolution Solution

Gerardo Hernandez

Financial inclusion today is about financial markets that serve more people with more products at lower cost. Our Mission: Make mobile financial services affordable anytime to everybody with any device. Reducing intermediation costs amplifies positive effects of lower borrowing costs.Thus more on-demand (real-time) access to credit leads to more capital allocation for SMEs and underserved people, hence, income inequality will be reduced, then local and national, GDP will increase.


Major Marketplace

Daniel Rayon
Leyanis Diaz
Andrea Mirabal

Online marketplace for small minority businesses and those who want to support them. We are all encompassing, customized, philanthropic and a part of the same community we seek to help.

Mammoth Structure

Gonzalo Chirino

Mid-size prefabricated structures are not energy efficient or design-conscious. Our offer is to make prefabricated modular high-isolated dome-shape structure for multiples uses, where cost, modularity, innovation, design and construction speed are appreciated.

Meeting Point

Marcelo Cardenas
Marcos Sanchez

Many triathletes train alone as a result of lacking a workout partner. We’re creating a virtual community where triathletes can find training partners with the same schedule and level around the world.

New Discovery Media

Lizeth Pasillas
Jonathan Herrera

Their sole motivation is to help artists and their brands to connect with their audience by blending storytelling, technology, and creativity through immersive and interactive music experiences.


Antonio Garcia
Richard A. Rudner
Martha Catherine Henry

Settleitsoft is a software designed to facilitate secure digital communication between debtors and their creditors in a virtual web-based and mobile environment. The software empower debtors with new digital tools to combat predatory collection practices.


German Fondevila

Deciding which product to buy when you’re online shopping is hard. There’s too much clutter. Trovvo offers a personalized shopping experience with expert advice.


Christian Andressen

Umbrellas App is an application that allows users to impact their local communities by sharing advice. We are trying to solve society hyper local problems, by creating an open forum mobile app that allow community members to share solutions and advice.


Alain Fernandez
Camilo Padron

There are 60 Million Americans with either no health insurance or carry high-deductible plans, and over 100 Million with no dental coverage. And yet, there is no seamless, transparent way for these folks to access quality, affordable healthcare. ValueDOC is a health and wellness marketplace where self-pay patients can book convenient online appointments with their credit card for the most common medical and dental services with local doctors offering major discounts.


Diogo Ribeiro
Efrain Goldenberg
Giovani Rodriguez
Jeff Haacke
Alejandro Guardiola

We show you the mood of your city through short video reviews of all your favorite spots. This way, instead of trying to convince your friends by sending many texts you just share a link to a video to get them excited to do something fun.


Ana Carrano
Juergen Fesslmeier

VOYZ.ES is a media service that decodes audio content with high accuracy, using machine learning and crowdsourcing. Using (ASR) technology and other proprietary technology the company can offer an automatic transcription service very accurate and easy to use. Transcription time can be reduced 3 times or more. VOYZ.ES offers collaboration: the possibility of having multiple users editing the same media document simultaneously integrating audio and text on the same screen.


These CREATORS are taking their prototypes and new ventures to the next level.


Roslym Gonzalez – Co-Founder
Kent Grossi – Co-Founder
Andres D. Vega – Co-Founder
Sachi Statz – Co-Founder

BE:Snacks is a company producing truly nutritional and healthy snacks for the hectic lifestyle of the busy professionals; all of our products come in a biodegradable packaging system that will carry plantable seeds. Our mission is to reduce and eradicate child hunger and malnutrition worldwide.



Daniel Patino – ManufacturingTechnician Transdermal Patches
Raul Nunez – Utility Patent Inventor “Just in Case” Convertible Carrier Case

Bio Switch is a device that uses bio-feedback (sweat analysis) and activates the delivery of nutrient replenishment through transdermal patches. Activated when signals sent through conductive thread on athletic clothing.



Daniel Rayon
Jeneffer Del-Rosario
Christopher Rayon

We aim to create value with our products. Here is how the Thumbometer will achieve this: the customer can save time and effort by using a gadget that cuts the testing period for cooked proteins down to under 3 seconds. Also, they get to waste less meat and ultimately money. They get the same amount of flavor as a steak from a great restaurant because the testing method does not puncture meats.


Rubén R. Mata – Co-Founder

GSG Tech is a company that seeks to empower clients with real time information and services, integrating data from apps and smart devices (IOT) while providing on-demand consulting support.


Vanessa Kanan
Alejandro Ortega
Moran Kanan

GSG Tech is a company that seeks to empower clients with real time information and services, integrating data from apps and smart devices (IOT) while providing on-demand consulting support.


Hakeem A. Muhammad – CEO
Prateek Nair – Chief Marketing Officer
Gokul Kumarresen – CDO
Julian Patton – Chief Develop Officer of Information

Science & Technology
Ronald Hiwat – Executive social-media Director for
Loudhouse platform

Loudhouse is a social networking app that enables recreational and professional musicians to record their spontaneous musical ideas, using any mobile device.


Marco Burlet – Co-Founder
Debra Daoud – Co-Founder

Millenium Headstones are the world’s first high-tech headstones – a product that has more advantages than traditional headstones, is high quality, innovative, cheaper and custom-made in the USA. Our manufacturing process produces very little carbon emissions in comparison to traditional headstone manufacturing. Product is made 90% of natural resources (Plasmacor, a patented material), a renewable resource and environmentally friendly.


Felix Puello – Founder

Onetown Boards is a skateboard company that plans on making boards that record the skaters experience and increase their safety with skateboards with integrated video cameras, LED lights, and sensors. Their main product is a longboard with integrated cameras that record the skater’s experience, a mobile application interface that allows riders to navigate between GPS, speedometer, and odometers so the rider can monitor their speed, location, distance traveled, and performance.


Derrick Miller – Entrepreneur

This company is looking to introduce a new way of bringing together communities and inspiring them to engage in an active and healthy lifestyle. Project Playground is a mobile social network (web/native mobile) that will allow people to search for nearby physical activities (or join teams/groups) to participate in and earn points to spend on healthy/active lifestyle rewards (think grocery coupons or discounts for fitness wearables).


Gaby Casanas – Founder

The Unbeatables Academy is a virtual and interactive Life Skills Training
Program for children 6 to 11 years old, created to be implemented
as part of after school programs or children’s extracurricular activities.


Terrance Newberry – Founder

Uniqbrella is an umbrella that is synchronized to either a wristband or key ring that will notify an user by their choice of an alert (standard alarm, voice, song, or vibration) when they walk at least six to ten feet away from their Uniqbrella. Therefore, a person will never forget their umbrella again. It will also be accessorized with a Zip and Pack bag.


Luis A Gutiérrez – Founder

Zuhata Kitchen is a kitchen incubator focused on 3 basic principles, people connectivity and networking, brandketing and infrastructure.


Our Mentors are South Florida’s top entrepreneurs and industry experts.


Andre do Valle is a serial entrepreneur and former consultant. Currently Andre is a partner in Bureau Translations, the #1 translations company in Latin America and advisor to various start-ups in the music, food, and technology sectors. He has a BS in Industrial Engineering from Cornell University and an MBA from Kellogg School of Management.


Andre Miranda is an investor. He currently works as VP of South American Sales at Obi Worldphone.


Della was born in Cincinnati, OH, and has lived and worked in US, Spain, Chile, Israel, Jordan, China, and Ethiopia in the fields of political communications, textile manufacturing, venture capital, health/wellness, and food service. She graduated from Harvard Business School in 2014. Della lives in Miami, FL, where she recently launched a culinary incubator, The Wynwood Yard and healthy fast casual restaurant concept, Della Bowls.


Emiliano Abramzon (co-founder at Nearpod) has over 20 years of experience in the technology and software development industry. He started his career in Accenture as a consultant and then helped many successful start ups become a reality. Emiliano holds an MBA from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


Fernando Vasconez is a serial deal maker and angel investor. Currently working as Global Business Developer for Rovio Entertainment (Angry Birds and Angry Birds Movie) and partner at NDV Consulting for the last 15 years. He holds a BS in International Business from Barry University.


A Senior Level Professional with extensive experience delivering innovating business and technology solutions to established corporations and startup companies. Proven track record of taking ideas from conception through product launch; building business opportunities; and leading cross functional teams of diverse stakeholders and SMEs: operations, engineering, development, marketing, and sales.


Product Development expert, President @ Campbell & Associates, LLC.


Lou Wolfson is an entrepreneur who, for over a decade, launched and sold several companies within the sports and hotel industries. Lou was also a founding member of The National Hotel Network, a nationwide in-room television network exclusively for hotel guests; and City Traveler TV, a television production company. Lou currently holds the position of Director of Business Development for the User Manual Division of Stern Bloom Media.


Luciana is a young tech entrepreneur and software engineer from Argentina. She is the current CEO at Wolox, a software shop devoted to providing innovation to both entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. Wolox provides tech teams that build web/mobile apps as well as any type of innovative technology.


Luis is currently CEO and Founder of ARETTO LLC, a company that offers commercial services as independent Sales Representatives, to brands or companies looking to export their product lines and position themselves in Mexico, Central and South America and the
Caribbean. ARETTO LLC is part of a Family Business with more than 35 years of experience in these regional markets. Luis holds an MBA from INCAE Business School.


Roberto Laub is a senior executive with successful global experience in general management of regional businesses, sales, and finance. He has a proven record of delivering strong results in diverse industries, markets, cultures and operations, including in startup, growth, and turnaround situations. For the last 15 years, Roberto held a variety of executive roles with Whirlpool Corporation, a US$20 billion leading global home appliance manufacturer. Most recently he was responsible for leading Latin American initiatives across 40+ countries on all Whirlpool noncore products and noncore channels. He directed four different businesses including KitchenAid.


Sari started Bib + Tuck, and led the vision of the company, while overseeing product, tech, operations, and customer support. Bib + Tuck was named one of the 50 companies revolutionizing retail by Business Insider and received coverage in major media outlets. Sari is also an early stage startup investor at Level.VC. Her portfolio includes companies like Uber, Sleep Eight, Canary, and SoStereo.