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CodePRO trains students with high-demand tech skills among local employers.


This in-person version of Harvard’s popular Introduction to Computer Science course equips students with the world’s highest quality foundation for jobs in tech.


We partnered with the world’s best management consulting firm to prepare students for well-paid, middle skills jobs in computer user and network support roles.


Learn everything that you need to build responsive websites from scratch! No previous experience required!


Students seeking jobs upon graduation can apply for placement in a job or paid apprenticeship through LaunchCode.

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CS50X graduate, earned an apprenticeship at LifeWallet. When he discovered he loved coding through online classes, Nilson decided to pursue it full-force:”By the end of CS50X, I was able to launch my career in computer programming! The best thing about computer programming is that you can be anywhere, and all you need is a little interest, curiosity, and of course, a computer.”


Apprentice at MasterCard’s Miami office. “CS50x is a life-changing opportunity. I’m excited to have learned new technology skills, and be working for such a great company. Thank you!”


CS50X graduate, Lab Implementation Specialist @ Kipu Systems. “CS50x helped me to learn how to think through problems and land a job in the electronic medical records industry.”


CS50X graduate, working for Boeing. “I thought I knew how to program before CS50xMiami. Not only did I learn how much more there is out there, I also learned how to make an efficient use of whatever I knew. CS50xMiami forged whatever interest and basic knowledge I had on programming into a powerful tool to take my code anywhere I want.”


CS50x graduate, started a job at Zendo! “I heard about CS50x, and couldn’t believe I was so lucky to be at the right place at the right time. It was very hard to work full-time, and have classes at MDC and CS50x. But it was so worth it – CS50x gave me an amazing education and the courage to stop daydreaming, and actually become what I want.”


CS50x graduate, earned an apprenticeship at Florida East Coast Realty. “CS50x empowered me with the skill set necessary to thrive in a real-world IT setting. I, like many of you, have a passion for computers that keep me up throughout the night tinkering, learning and expanding my knowledge. Opportunities like this seldom become available throughout life – I’ve put in countless hours and worked very hard and now I can look forward to going to work in the morning to a job that allows me to do what I love most.”


The Idea Center

Miami Dade College, Wolfson Campus

Building 8, 5th Floor