Kickstart a career in Information Technology.

Kickstart a career in Information Technology.


Succeed as an IT professional! Get training for well-paid IT jobs with strong career paths. You will get 3 main benefits in this course:


Succeed as an IT professional! Get training for well-paid IT jobs with strong career paths. You will get 3 main benefits in this course:


Get the mindset and behavioral skills to succeed as an IT professional


You will receive CompTIA A+ and Network+ Certificates at the end of the course


You will be 100% ready to be employed and land a job after finishing the program

Class Schedule:

Class starts on August 28th and ends on December 15th, 2017.

It will be Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.


FREE for MDC Degree-seeking Students

FREE for Community Members

Room No: 8525

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Introducing Generation


Generation IT is a 15-week program that trains unemployed/underemployed young adults with a passion for IT to land a job in the field after graduation. Our results-oriented approach provides a deep dive into all skills, technical and non-technical, required to succeed as an IT professional. Our class sessions features technical and practical lessons, frequent speakers, hands-on activities, peer learning, networking opportunities, case studies, role plays, data center visits, and more. It combines computer and networks fundamentals, hands-on training and industry perspectives from experienced IT professionals. Participants will be ready to start working as IT help desk or Network administrator support as soon as they finish the program.

Generation IT is not for everyone. Our program is tough and our expectations high, so be prepared to commit to this like a full-time job. We are looking for people that are motivated and willing to work hard.
You must be:

‣ 18-29 years old
‣ Unemployed or not achieving your full potential in your current job
‣ Excited about new opportunities in the world of IT




Antonio is a technology specialist with over a decade of experience in the United Kingdom, Cuba, Panama and the United States. He is committed to the growth of South Florida´s technology ecosystem, and is passionate about youth empowerment and local talent creation.




Rolando is a telecommunications professional with over 25 years of experience in the operations, management and installation of telecom technologies and services, with extensive practical experience in computer, satellite and voice networks. He is dedicated to the career development of each student and makes it his goal to make sure each receives the best the Generation Program can offer.




What is GenerationIT?

Generation IT is geared towards enhancing technical skills and cultivating behavioral, mindset, and professional skills, so that individuals flourish within a demanding and competitive IT industry.

Who is this course designed for?

Unemployed or underemployed youth between 18 and 29 years old who are passionate about Technology and seeking to create a career in IT.

How long will the course work take me each week?

Most of the course work is done during class hours (6 hours each day from Monday to Friday). Studying and reviewing class notes each day is highly recommended.

What will I be able to do upon completion of the course?

You will be able to use your technical and soft skills to succeed in IT positions like IT Help Desk or Network Support.

What certificates are offered during this course?

CompTIA A+ and Network+

Can I apply if I am not enrolled at Miami Dade College?

Yes, we welcome you to apply.

Can I commit to some days and do the rest on my own?

No. You need to be fully committed to the course schedule which is Monday- Friday, 8:30 am to 2:30 pm, for 13 weeks.

Is parking included?

Yes, it is!

Can I get MDC credits?

Yes. After finishing the program and passing the certificates you will receive 8 credits.

Can I be part of the program without taking the certificates?

No. The certificates are very important and we will help you to get them.

I have some more questions. Whom do I contact?

For questions, contact Program Coordinator Rachel Jenkins via e-mail or phone (305) 237-7873 at the Idea Center at Miami Dade College.